Instructions for Prayer 1

We must learn to pray in secret (Matt. 6:5–15)

Whilst teaching about prayer, our Lord Jesus gave us his disciples four parameters to guide us in praying. Today, I will talk about the first one.

He said that we must pray in secret before we can do so in public (v. 6).
This is not to say that there is something wrong with praying in public, or in church for instance – far from it. All he was saying is that it is hypocritical to pray in public if we have not cultivated the habit of praying in private.
Jesus employs the word closet which means “a private room”. He wanted us to follow in his footsteps because according to Mark 1:35, he used to get up early morning, before daybreak and retreat to a solitary place to pray. This is in line with what we see Prophet Elisha doing in 2 Kings 4:32 when praying for the Shunammite Woman’s dead son.
There things for which you can only effectively pray for in your own closet. During this month of prayer, may we develop the spiritual muscles to pray in private so we can become more effective in our prayers in the open. 

Reuben Guma, 03/01/2018