In Partnership with Rukungiri Community Church in Rukungiri - South Western Uganda, we embarked on a church planting programme in rural Africa with a flagship church in a village about 4 miles away from Rukungiri town called Kyeizoba on land donated for a church and a school by a wonderful elderly couple - David and Efrance

David and France
                                       David and Efrance    

Kyeizoba Community Church (KCC) was started on 5th July 2009 - and is overseen by Pastor Elisha Kakwerere.

Pastor Elisha Kakwerere
                          Pastor Elisha Kakwerere
              Senior Pastor - Rukungiri Community Church
Pastor Eddie and Diana Masasi
                 Pastors Eddie and Diana Masasi
                          Resident Pastors
              Kyeizoba Community Church

KCC has held several evangelistic crusades, in the neighbouring areas and many have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
              Elder David Rwabugarame preaching at one of the crusades

Furthermore, we are planning to acquire video projecting equipment so that Christian and other inspiring movies can be shown to the locals on a regular basis in KCC - as an evangelistic tool.

 Some of the priorities of KCC's priorities include the following:
  • Community outreach, Crusades, Evangelism, Church Seminars (for Men, Woman, Youth, Married Couples, Singles and Schools outreach)
  • Church Leadership and Theological training
  • Distribution of Bibles, Christian literature, Tapes and CDs etc.
  • Running a Radio programme to spread the gospel and other developmental projects.    
                    First building project

                                     Church launch

                           Inside Church

   Some members outside Church after a Sunday service 

Listening to a sermon
         Intently listening to the Word of God 


Young people ministering
           Young people ministering in song 

Guest minister preaching
              Guest missionary preaching in KCC  

Guests from USA
               Friends of KCC from the USA