Community Amenities 

We have identified priorities in the local community and are committed to addressing them in partnership with other local agencies.
These among other includes:

  • Provision of safe drinking water projects like protected wells, boreholes, piped water and sanitation. In partnership with Rukungiri Community Church, we dug a borehole from which the local community benefits.
  • Establishing and promoting rural electrification using renewable energy sources like solar energy. This will include provision of affordable solar lanterns, solar panels, and trading centre street lighting
  • Help orphans, widows and the elderly by providing health care, food, clothing, shelter and education sponsorship for the very poor.
  • Advocacy for women and children to create equality awareness.
  • Establishing agro-based and other social enterprises set out to improve their economic status.

 Health projects

Health priorities include:

  • Establishing and operating a health centre to offer affordable and when possible free treatment of malaria and other preventable diseases, children and maternal care.
  • Sensitising the community on issues like HIV/AIDS, healthy diet to improve on their life expectancy.
  • Run mobile eye, dental and immunisation clinics, organise home visits for the elderly and bedridden among other various health promotion projects.


                                  Borehole in Kyeizoba
Please kindly consider sending a donation so we can accomplish the above-mentioned plans and much more.
 You can help in changing at least one life or one family.
Thank you for your generous giving